We’re proud of all our staff in our various departments who are all dedicated to patient care.


Murtaza Akhtar is the full-time Accounts Manager. The Accounts department is located on the ground floor and any member of the accounts team will do their best to answer any of your questions regarding proposed costs or your invoices and process payments.

Most payments to account that are made in-person will be handled by Murtaza, Tracy or Katie in the Patient Liaison and Accounts office near Reception.


Each day, chefs John Dilger and Rob Gafney and their kitchen helper Tom Kowalski prepare customised predominantly organic lunches for patients who opt for them, as well as a buffet lunch for the nearly 50 staff members. Freshly packaged, individual dinners are prepared for patients staying at the Guesthouse or any other patients who wish to take advantage of this service.

LDI Antigen Vaccine Laboratory

Barry Ryan, LDI Vaccine Laboratory Manager, has meticulously managed the laboratory for over 20 years and has been with Breakspear Medical for even longer. The 4-member team produces our custom-made LDI antigen vaccines in our in-house laboratory.  The laboratory consistently meets the high standards required by the MHRA to operate under our Manufacturer’s ‘Specials’ License – making ours the only facility in the country to produce these antigens in a licensed laboratory.

Medical Secretaries & Library

Sarah How, Medical Director Dr Monro’s PA, manages the 4 full-time medical secretaries, who provide the link between patients and doctors, and the and Medical Records Clerk & Librarian. The secretaries respond to queries and prepare medical documents for the patients while the Medical Records Clerk & Librarian, Jo Walshe, manages both patients’ medical files and the Medical Library. The Breakspear Medical Library is an excellent private resource centre for books and publications on the wide-spread world of allergy and environmental illness. Many out-of-print books and magazines have been carefully archived. If you are looking for information in our field of expertise, our Medical Records Clerk & Librarian is sure to direct you to an abundance of resources.


Jason Adams, Senior Pathology Manager heads the Pathology department, full-time which keeps the laboratory samples and incoming results flowing. Either member of the 2-man team can answer any questions patients may have regarding various sample collections and testing laboratories.


Tracey Godfrey is the full-time Pharmacy Manager who heads the 3-person team in charge of dispensing vitamins, minerals, supplements and many other products that have been selected for their environmentally-friendly qualities.