It's a family business with Alister, Jean and Neil.

It's a family business with Alister, Jean and Neil.

Dr Jean Monro’s areas of special interest undoubtedly were influenced by her personal life.

Her husband suffered migraine, coeliac disease and symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) later in life. Her two sons, Alister and Neil, have coeliac disease, and had early childhood eczema and experience migraine. Wanting to find the best treatments for her family drove her to carry out research into micro-nutrition and treatment of allergy involving thorough investigation into the chemical building blocks vital to the efficient functioning of the human body (examples of these essential building blocks are: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, essential fatty acids, and bioflavonoids).

When Dr Monro first started practising private medicine, she was seeing patients in the family home, Montrose, which is currently the guesthouse for Breakspear Medical.  Alister and Neil grew up surrounded by patients and with a good understanding of allergy and environmental medicine.

Today, all 3 family members are the directors of Breakspear Medical. Dr Jean Monro is the Medical Director, Alister Monro is the Managing Director and Neil Monro is the Finance Director.

All 3 are also involved with the Environmental Medicine Foundation.  For more information on the foundation, visit the registered charity’s website.