To support the clinic, Breakspear Medical has many different departments which provide various services.

The Antigen Laboratory is a licensed laboratory that produces the low-dose immunotherapy vaccinations.

The Immunisation Department provides many different mercury-free vaccinations for children and adults.

Nutritional Therapy is another service provided at Breakspear Medical, which addresses nutritional aspects of illness and the restitution of health.

The Pathology Department is the busy central hub for outgoing laboratory samples and incoming results. Along with conducting recommended tests for patients, this department offers pathology services to all UK practitioners, and their patients, performed at the same reputable laboratories that Breakspear Medical uses.

The Pharmacy dispenses a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, supplements and recommended products for patients. Patients may place orders while attending the clinic, or providing that their prescription is current, may order over the phone.

Our Women’s Health clinic offers full cervical screening, including testing for HPV.